Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ingvar Kamprad - the Founder of IKEA Company PowerPoint Presentation

Ingvar Kamprad - the Founder of IKEA Company - PowerPoint Presentation Example IKEA is focused on producing good quality furniture at a lower price. This, he believes will transform the lives of many and help them live a better life other than selling expensive furniture which was to be bought by the rich people only. 1. Product and price; by the help of a price matrix, the product managers are able to determine any possible holes in the lineup of the products. They then come up with a final figure to be the price of the product made. This will ensure that the company does not go on a loss and retain the required amount. Prices are in three ranges which include high for the Scandinavian or sleek, medium for modern and low for the neo-traditional. The products made keep on changing depending on the demands of the customers and are tested for their quality. 2. Finding procedures; IKEA buys their resources from about 1800 in 55 countries (Magonelly 2002). The production package is searched by officers who vie to offer their suggestions. After a thorough scrutiny is when the settlements are reached. The products are distributed to all the stores in the branches. They make sure that a low price is maintained so long as they are of high quality. 4. Transport; transport takes place when transporting the goods from the factory to the stores where they shall be sold. On selling the items, the company provides packing facilities which include carton boxes. In order for the furniture to be transported efficiently, IKEA transports items in joint parts to reduce space taken. 5. Selling; the furniture is finally sold to the consumers at the stores. These stores are large enough and have playing facilities for the children when their parents are buying the items. This gives the parents an ample time to buy the items they need. The organization of the IKEA is designed such that it meets the basic and normal activities of the day to day life.  

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