Thursday, November 21, 2019

A business plan for a restaurant business named Stake House Essay

A business plan for a restaurant business named Stake House - Essay Example tive Summary The report will describe a business plan for a restaurant business named Stake House. The planned restaurant will be located in Moorgate, London in the United Kingdom. The motivation for developing this business plan is to participate in a programme of â€Å"Channel Four†. The programme seeks to encourage young entrepreneurs and it will help the entrepreneurs to grow and will provide support to the business plan by shadowing the entrepreneur for one year. By keeping this factor in view, Stake House will intend to develop a proficient and profitable business plan in which it will be aimed to provide various kinds of burgers, sandwiches, pies and other top quality meals. The foods will be served with snacks and the customers will be provided with their chosen sauces and gravy flavours. The foods of the restaurant will focus on British traditions and will be based on the privileged recipes throughout the UK. The restaurant will also feature early bird menu as well as will comprise of numerous drinks to choose from. There will be space for almost 10–15 people at a time and will increase according to the progress and expansion of business. It is expected that Stake House will become one of the popular meal destinations in London area which will serve local people, especially young customers. 1.1 Objectives Stake House business plan will have three objectives, which are: To participate and seek for support from â€Å"Channel Four† programme in order to initiate the plan To become one of the popular and preferable meal destinations for young professionals and students To deliver high quality food with affordable rate To certify satisfactory transparency in food making process To increase the sales and to maintain a satisfactory profit Every strategy and decision taken in the business plan will seek to fulfil and accomplish those objectives, as it is related with the success of the Stake House. 1.2 Mission The concept of Stake House bu siness is generated from the success of several informal restaurants in London area and high demand of quality meal for young professionals and students. Therefore, the restaurant will seek to provide accessible and affordable food, drinks, and breakfast and lunch menus. In due course of time, Stake House will establish itself as one of the favourite destinations of food for young customers in the metropolitan area as well as for outside visitors. It will be the mission of Stake House to serve high quality burgers, sandwiches and other meals with healthy contents and good taste. Besides, Stake House will also deliver excellent customer service so that customers become satisfied and loyal towards the restaurant. 1.3 Keys to Success The keys for success in this business are: Quality Products: Stake House will provide quality products to the customers by ensuring hygienic items and healthy components Effective Customer Service: Effective customer service is one of the significant eleme nts for success which helps to increase the brand loyalty of customers. Effective Marketing: Stake House will market their product offerings through print media in order to attract potential customers. Efficient Financial Control: Financial control is necessary for making profit. Efficient financial control will help to keep the operational cost down and increase the profitability of business. Strong

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